Why The Unit4 is the Perfect Firearm Simulator

Why The Unit4 is the Perfect Firearm Simulator

Training just became a whole lot more effective

A police officer must protect and serve the public. More often than not, this requires making split-second decisions in life-and-death scenarios that can dramatically affect the lives of those involved. Without proper training and experience in these dangerous situations, it’s difficult for an officer to know exactly how to react to these events in a way that will de-escalate a situation and when to use deadly force.

That’s where firearms training simulations come in. These are the most effective way for law enforcement officers and the US military to simulate these dangerous, real-life scenarios in a safe - but realistic - environment. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of firearms training simulators and the most effective non-lethal weapons to train with.

What is a Firearms Training Simulator?

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No, a firearms training simulator is not necessarily a video game or VR or anything like that. 

Firearms training simulators are designed to provide a safe and realistic environment for soldiers, law enforcement officers, and civilians to practice their shooting skills. But it’s not just about developing shooting skills in realistic environments. Training simulators expose officers and soldiers to use-of-force situations in the field. Trainees can learn de-escalation techniques and get valuable compliance/non-compliance training in a safe environment that gives officers and soldiers essential experience in high-stress situations.

Why is Simulation Training so Important for Law Enforcement?

There are multiple benefits of firearm simulation training, especially for law enforcement:

  • It gives law enforcement officers the critical experience of dangerous situations.
  • The experience of having “been there and done it” will ensure officers react in a more calm and composed manner in real-life scenarios.
  • Multiple, potentially deadly scenarios can be trained for, helping officers be the most trained and best prepared they can be.
  • Having this experience will help save lives in real-life situations.
  • It can help improve trainees shooting accuracy and performance.

Training With UNIT4’s “Non-Firearm” Rifle

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Non-firearm weapons offer a great way to learn how to defend yourself in realistic situations without using deadly force or live ammunition. At UNIT Solutions, we’ve developed a non-lethal training rifle that has been officially classified as a “non-firearm” by the ATF.

TheUNIT4 Rifle is identical to the M4 service weapon in form, fit, and function to give you the most realistic training simulation you can get.

Some of the other key benefits of using the UNIT4 Rifle for law enforcement simulation training are:

  • Projectiles that are 100% biodegradable, lead-free and brass-free. 
  • Non-marking and marking rounds that won’t penetrate covered human skin or break glass.
  • It allows users to train in authentic environments (e.g. schools, malls, and other indoor and outdoor locations) with minimal protective equipment.
  • The UNIT4 rifle has a highly realistic trigger pull and recoil.
  • It can be used in both semi and full automatic.
  • It’s much cheaper than paying for live ammunition.
  • Using a classified non-lethal firearm and non-lethal ammunition provides officers with a safe - but realistic - way to train, without risk of serious injury or death.

The UNIT4 training rifles are available in three primary configurations: Unit4 Classic, Unit4 CQB, and Unit4 Special Operations. Check out the UNIT Solutions website to purchase your UNIT4 today.

M4 Service Rifle

UNIT4 Training Rifle

Type: A magazine-fed carbine

Services: USN, US Army, USMC, USAF

Fire selection: semi-automatic or full automatic

Capacity: 30-round magazine

Weight: 6.36 lbs (empty)

Length: 33 inches (stock extended)

Muzzle velocity: 2900 ft/s

Effective range: 500m for a point target; 600m for an area target

Type: A magazine-fed carbine classified by the ATF as “non-lethal”

Services: US Army, Law Enforcement, civilians

Fire selection: semi-automatic or full automatic

Capacity: 30-round magazine

Weight: 6.36 pounds

Length:33 inches

Muzzle velocity: 375 - 425 FPS

Effective range: 35m


Full Spectrum Tactical Training - Without The Risk

UNIT Solutions is dedicated to being the pre-eminent non-lethal training solution for law enforcement and military worldwide. Based on direct feedback from military and law enforcement professionals, we have custom engineered an affordable solution to directly address existing training challenges and provide the best training system on the market for realistic force-on-force and decision-making training.

Wrap Up

Overall, the UNIT4 Training Rifle is one to really give a chance. It gives you the opportunity to train like you would with a real rifle, just in a safer manner.

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