Watch Reviews Of The UNIT4 Training Rifle.


Watch Reviews Of The UNIT4 Training Rifle.

Greg Lapin

Fieldcraft Survival

Fieldcraft Survival's Mission is to expand your capabilities in the genre of survival, with goals to educate, train, and equip you to survive in the worst-case scenario. Check out what lead trainer Greg Lapin had to say about the UNIT4.

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Blu Bearing Solutions

Kyle Morgan

Blu Bearing Solutions is a professional training company founded by former Tier 1 Operator Kyle Morgan. Using the UNIT4 Training Rifle, Blu Bearing Solutions equips law enforcement with the skills necessary to intervene in an active shooter incident.

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Jason Pike

Frogman Tactical

Frogman Tactical is a weapons and tactical training company founded by former Navy SEAL and combat veteran, Jason Pike. Today, Jason works with military, law enforcement, and citizens throughout the USA.

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Karl Erickson

Tactical Rifleman

Tactical Rifleman is the go-to destination for advice and tips on all things military, tactical, survival, driving and shooting related.

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Kenzie Fitzpatrick

Reticle Up

Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional shooter who competes in 3-Gun, 2-Gun, USPSA, Steel Challenges and Cowboy Action matches!

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Costa Ludus

Chris Costa

Chris Costa is one of the pioneers of the tactical training industry, dating back to his days at MagPul. Today, Chris travels the country training civilians and law enforcement with his training company, Costa Ludus.

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Kit Badger

Kit Badger is focused on bringing you high-quality reviews of tactical and outdoor gear, and much more.

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The UNIT4 Training Rifle.

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