Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications / capabilities of the UNIT4 Training Rifle?

You can find a PDF of the UNIT4 Training Rifle specifications by clicking here.

Why is your non-lethal rifle so expensive?

The cost reflects the quality of the product. Our rifle is proudly made in America and contract manufactured by Lewis Machine and Tool out of Eldridge, Iowa. The rifle is made with military grade materials and combines the fit, form, function and durability of an M4 with an ATF-certified non-lethal weapon. Our rifle is built to last and to thrive in rugged, aggressive training environments. 

Our magazines are also built with military grade aluminum and stainless steel, and have been extensively tested to meet the military’s durability requirements. Our magazines have been dropped 300 times from 5 feet onto concrete and retained their functionality.  

What makes the UNIT4 Rifle different than Airsoft?

It starts with the military grade materials we use in manufacturing. We’ve intentionally preserved the real steel gun parts from LMT and replaced a few internal components with our proprietary pneumatic system. The result is a realistic non-lethal trainer with unmatched durability that you won’t find in an Airsoft gun. Our system delivers accurate recoil, rate of fire and trigger pull. It fires in semi and full auto and offers marking projectiles when you want the feedback. The 30-round magazine capacity is identical to users’ service weapons. Airsoft can be effective for some types of training, but the UNIT4 is in a class of its own.

Are the TPAKs refillable?

They are not. The pre-loaded TPAKs are intended to be disposable, one-time use cartridges that can be recycled once they are expelled. We designed the TPAKs so users can begin training within a matter of seconds with a full 30-round magazine, and have minimal clean up time afterwards. While each TPAK will have enough gas charge to deliver more than 30 cycles in room temperature conditions, the excess gas is meant to account for any changes in temperature when training outdoors. The 16g CO2 cylinder will deliver 30 shots from the UNIT4 down to freezing temperatures. 

Do you have a pistol model?

We get this question the most! Development on a UNIT pistol model will start in 2022 and we will deliver the same realism, durability and convenience with our pistol model. We hope to introduce the product in 2023/2024.

How long will my rifle last?

The warranty on the UNIT4 is for two years if used properly and according to our terms of use, but the truth is, with preventative maintenance and some simple replacement of wear parts, the UNIT4 Rifle should last for decades. Each of our house testing rifles have far exceeded 10,000 trigger pulls with normal cleaning, maintenance and replacement of wear parts. The durability of the military grade materials combined with the less violent pneumatic firing system allow the UNIT4 to deliver optimal performance, even after heavy usage.