Unit Solutions Offers Industry Leading Non-Lethal Tactical Training Solutions.

Tactical Training.

Versatile, Accessible, Dependable, And Realistic.

The UNIT4 is the leading non-lethal training rifle available on the market. From active shooter response to close quarters combat, the UNIT4 will vastly improve your tactical training efforts.

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The UNIT4 Training Rifle.

Watch this brief video to understand how the UNIT4 Training Rifle can revolutionize your tactical training efforts.


You’ll save up to $1-per-round versus existing alternatives.

Our TPAK projectiles are lead-free, brass-free, primer-free, and 100% biodegradable and recyclable. We offer marking and non-marking projectiles, as well as blanks.

The UNIT4 Is Trusted By

Military, law enforcement, and professional training companies worldwide.

See why Kyle Morgan, a former Tier 1 Special Forces Operator—and the owner of Blu Bearing Solutions—prefers the UNIT4 for his tactical training needs.

Test & Evaluate The

UNIT4 Training Rifle Before You Purchase.

Our UNIT4 T&E Kit allows law enforcement, military and professional trainers to test the system before making a purchase. The UNIT4 T&E Kit includes one (1) rifle, one (1) magazine, and 600 non-lethal training rounds.

About Unit Solutions

UNIT Solutions offers unparalleled non-lethal training solutions for military, law enforcement, and professional training companies.

Based on direct feedback from military and law enforcement professionals, we have custom engineered the leading training system on the market for active shooter response, force-on-force training and much more: the UNIT4.



"The UNIT4 Training Rifle is the missing link in our training program. From the cost effectiveness per round, to the build materials, to the realism it brings, the UNIT4 checks all the boxes."

Arturo Gamez

Chief, Beeville ISD Police Dept.


"For the people that actually train, it’s an 'a-ha' moment. When you couple creativity with common sense and safety, you can use the system anywhere. You need this training rifle."

Kyle Morgan

CEO, Blu Bearing Solutions


"The weight, the balance, the realism is remarkable. If you have the ability to purchase something like this and you want one of the most—if not the most—realistic training tools on the market, check out UNIT Solutions."

Jason Pike

Frogman Tactical


"The instant you pull the trigger, this stops being another gun and reveals itself as a serious training tool."


Special Operations NCO


"The future of CQB Training."

Karl Erickson

Tactical Rifleman