Unit Solutions Offers The Next Generation Of Training Rifle, Built On A Live AR Chassis. Preferred By Civilians & Professionals.

The Unit4 rifle is purpose built

for realistic training in any environment

Experience The Difference of A Purpose Built System

Unmatched Durability

  • Upper and lower receivers forged from 7075-76 aluminum
  • All rifle parts are manufactured in the USA by AR manufacturers with the same materials they build into their live rifles
  • Stress tested in adverse weather conditions including extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, wind and dust.
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Compatible with all ar accessories

Outfit your UNIT4 just like your live rifle with real AR accessories. The UNIT4 is plug & play compatible with:

  • Rail Systems
  • Buttstocks
  • Optics
  • Risers
  • Slings
  • Weapon Lights
  • Grips


Durable Magazines

  • Magazines have been dropped 300 times onto concrete and maintained full functionality
  • Carabiner style latch for maximum operator protection
  • Fire thousands of cycles without a jam
  • Full 2-Year Warranty on all magazines
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Featuring Realistic Recoil

  • The UNIT4 is the only standalone non-lethal training system that produces a near-identical recoil profile to your live AR.
  • Work on recoil management, double taps and target transitions without introducing training scars.
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Fires In Semi & Full Auto

  • Shoots in semi or full auto
  • Cyclic rate of fire > 700 rounds per minute

Three Types of Rounds

The TPAK is a pre-filled cartridge that contains a 16g cylinder and 30 rounds. The TPAKs can be quickly and easily loaded into the magazine to begin training within seconds.

  • Blank TPAKs: Provide realistic recoil for dry fire, simulated training, or introducing new users
  • Non-Marking TPAKs: Filled with hard plastic BBs and best suited for marksmanship training or longer distance force-on-force shots.
  • Marking TPAKs: Available in four colors, these TPAKs are filled with paint rounds and are best suited for close force-on-force engagements.
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The UNIT4 Is Trusted By

Military, Law Enforcement, Professional Trainers, and Civilians.

See why Kyle Morgan, a former Tier 1 Special Forces Operator — and the owner of Blu Bearing Solutions — utilizes the UNIT4 for his tactical training efforts.

The UNIT4 Allows You To

Train In Your Environment, On Your Own time.

The UNIT4 Training Rifle is built on a live AR chassis & made from the highest quality materials. It features realistic recoil, and is every bit as durable as your live rifle.

A small number of parts have been modified to achieve non-firearm classification, without sacrificing any realism. It ships right to your door.

Our Patented TPAKs Are

Convenient and Affordable.

Our TPAKs are available in marking (paint) rounds and non-marking (plastic) rounds. They are also available as blanks, which can be used with any laser or recoil actuated virtual training system.

TPAKs are lead-free, brass-free, primer-free, and 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They cost as little as 20 cents-per-round.

"The Weight, The Balance,

The Realism Is Remarkable."

Countless professional trainers, competetive shooters, and firearms experts prefer the UNIT4 for their tactical training needs. Watch our video reviews to learn why.


Unit Solutions

UNIT Solutions offers unparalleled non-lethal training solutions for military, law enforcement, professional trainers, and civilians.

Based on direct feedback from military and law enforcement professionals, we have custom engineered the leading training system on the market for active shooter response, force-on-force training, and much more: The UNIT4.