UNIT4 Training Rifle for Professional Training Companies

Maximize your ability to protect your family with the unit4 training rifle

The UNIT4 is a safe and realistic system that was designed to allow users to conduct frequent, realistic training in an at-home environment.

Safe Enough For Mom

But Real Enough for dad

The UNIT4 Training Rifle combines realism and safety into a versatile at-home training system:

  • Classified by ATF as a non-firearm and cannot chamber a live round
  • No brass, explosions or gunpowder
  • Manufactured by LMT Defense with same forgings as their AR-15
  • Compatible with all weapon lights, optics and accessories
  • Realistic recoil and rate of fire
  • Identical weight, length and magazine capacity to AR-15
No Time For The Range?

Train at home on your time

The UNIT4 Training Rifle can be quickly and safely deployed at home within minutes to train for:

  • Basic marksmanship and target practice
  • Clearing all the rooms in your home
  • Working stairwells and exterior thresholds
  • Transitioning from a vehicle to your home

And the best part? At just 80 decibels, you can get quality trigger pulls in after hours, without waking the family.

Our rifles are made in the usa and backed by the industry's best warranty

All UNIT4 Training Rifles and Magazines are backed by a full 2-year warranty from defect in materials and craftmanship.

Save $$$ With the UNIT4

Train more, spend less

Because the UNIT4 gives you the freedom to train at home, you'll be able to increase the frequency of training at a fraction of the cost.

  • No range fees or gas money driving to and from the range
  • Reduce live ammo consumption
  • Non-lethal rounds are always available, even during ammo shortages

With our payment plans, you can split your rifle purchase up into four interest-free monthly installments.

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Lowest prices of the year!

Each UNIT4 Rifle purchased includes a full length MLOK Rail.

  • Blanks at just $0.06 per round
  • Nonmarking rounds at just $0.15 per round
  • Marking rounds at just $0.25 per round

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