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Active Shooter Response Training Kit

Regular price$4,000.00

The ASRT Kit Includes:

  • Four (4) UNIT4 Rifles with MLOK rail system and iron sights
  • Eight (8) UNIT4 magazines
  • 600 Non-marking rounds
  • 600 Marking rounds
  • Two (2) double rifle soft carry cases
  • Other accessories and upgrades available for an additional cost
  • Rifles and magazines come with 2-year warranty
Benefits For Your Department Include:
  • Maximize the confidence and capability of your officers to respond to an active shooter 
  • Deploy the ASRT Kit on your own footprint, in and around your department.
  • Transport the to any environment to complete scenario-based training, including: schools, places of worship, theaters, restaurants, offices, airports, parking lots and outdoor venues
  • Use the UNIT4 as a knowledge transfer tool from SWAT to patrol
  • Rifles and mags are easily transferrable to train a large number of officers with just one ASRT Kit
  • Increase training opportunities during slow shifts
  • UNIT4 Training Rifles and TPAKs are proudly made in the USA.

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