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Precinct Patrol Kit

Precinct Patrol Kit

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The Precinct Patrol Kit Includes:

  • Four (4) UNIT4 Rifles with MLOK rail system
  • Eight (8) UNIT4 Magazines
  • Two (2) portable target stands
  • Two (2) double rifle soft carry cases
  • Other accessories and upgrades available for an additional cost

Benefits For Your Department Include:
  • Maintain readiness for Active Shooters with the UNIT4 Precinct Patrol Kit to train ALL of your patrol officers for CQB tactics on your turf, on your time
  • Deploy the UNIT4 Precinct Patrol Kit on your own footprint, within your department or precinct’s property!
  • 100% Safe Training - UNIT4 rifles are classified by ATF as a non-firearm and allow for safe training when paired with our non-lethal, lead-free, brass-free and primer-free projectiles.
  • Lack of FFL requirement or drop-in bolt allow rifles and mags to be transferrable to train a large number of officers with a small population of rifles and magazines
  • Train a large number of officers  during shift work with just one Precinct Patrol Kit
  • Reduce training burdens related to officer shortage, resources, equipment or overtime funds

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