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March 2, 2023During the process of becoming a police officer, cadets get a great deal of training at the police academy before they get their badges and start their first jobs.. But one of the most important parts of their...
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A police officer must protect and serve the public. More often than not, this requires making split-second decisions in life-and-death scenarios that can dramatically affect the lives of those involved. Without proper training and experience in these dangerous situations, it’s...
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Safe firearm training is crucial for all firearm handlers, whether professional or civilian. The use of non-lethal weapons and ammunition significantly increases the level of safety. Firearm training is about learning how to handle your firearm correctly when shooting, cleaning,...
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Training is necessary for anyone who plans to handle a firearm, even when using non-lethal ammunition. It is an essential part of gun ownership and safety. Learning to properly handle, clean, and store your weapon reduces the chance of having...
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