The UNIT4 Training Rifle For Marksmanship Training.

maximize training time at home

With The most realistic ar trainer on the market
Train On Your Turf With

The Most Realistic Non-Lethal Tool On The Market.

Kenzie Fitzpatrick of Reticle Up is a professional shooter who competes in 3-Gun, 2-Gun, USPSA, Steel Challenges and Cowboy Action matches.

See why Kenzie prefers the UNIT4 Training Rifle for her marksmanship training.

The UNIT4 Training Rifle

Produces Realistic Recoil.

Take your training beyond dryfire with a more challenging training system that includes realistic recoil. The advantages of the UNIT4 Training Rifle include:

  • Reciprocating bolt carrier group resets with each trigger pull
  • Recoil signature nearly identical to an AR-15 rifle
  • Practice multiple shots without manipulating your charging handle
  • Recoil will force you to reacquire the target like you would with live ammo

See the Top 3 drills retired Army Ranger Jason Day recommends that you complete once you receive your UNIT4 Training Rifle.

No Time For The Range?

Train at home, on your time.

The UNIT4 Training Rifle can be quickly and safely deployed at home for a variety of applications, utilizing our three projectile types:

  • Blanks: Best for dry-fire training or laser training, when you want realistic recoil feedback.
  • Non-Marking: Practice marksmanship and assess windage & elevation, while shooting outdoors up to 25m.
  • Marking: Ideal for closer range, indoors shooting when you want shot accountability or to practice home defense.

And the best part? At just 80 decibels, you can get quality trigger pulls after hours—without waking the family.

With the UNIT4, You'll

Train more, And Spend Less.

Because the UNIT4 gives you the freedom to train at home, you'll be able to increase the frequency of your training, at a fraction of the cost:

  • Save on gas and range fees by training at home
  • Reduce live ammo consumption
  • Non-lethal rounds are always available, even during ammo shortages

Made In The USA & Backed By The Industry's Best Warranty.

All UNIT4 Training Rifles Are Backed By A Full 2-Year Warranty.