UNIT4 Training Rifle for Law Enforcement

The UNIT4 will Improve the confidence and capability of your agency to respond to violent crime

We'll send you 600 FREE NON-LETHAL ROUNDS to prove it.

Advantages of a

Standalone training rifle

  • No risk of live rounds entering a training scenario
  • Keep duty-issued rifles with officers on shift to improve officer and community safety
  • Faster response times when a call comes in during training
  • Training will not add wear and tear to your duty rifle
  • Easier approvals outside the shoot house
The UNIT4 Simplifies

Active shooter response training

  • Classified by ATF as a non-firearm
  • No brass, gun powder or primer
  • Will not break glass or cause severe damage to facilities
  • Eases safety and liability concerns of stake holders
  • Allows for scenario based training in schools, churches, theaters, retail and office environments
The UNIT4 Rifle is

Realistic AND durable

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool with same forgings and materials as their M4 Rifle
  • Identical length and weight to M4
  • Realistic recoil and rate of fire greater than 700 rounds per minute
  • 30-round magazine capacity
  • Compatible with all M4 lights, optics and accessories
  • Stress tested in rugged environments and drop tested to military standards
  • Fire thousands of rounds without a rifle jam.
  • 2-Year Warranty on rifles and magazines

Introducing the unit solutions prove it program

We will send you a demo kit risk-free and give you 30 days to evaluate the UNIT4 Training System to prove the value of the system for your department.

What's Included in the

Prove it program

  • 1 UNIT4 Training Rifle with MLOK rail and iron flip sights
  • 1 UNIT4 Magazine
  • 10 Non-marking TPAKs (300 rds)
  • 10 Marking TPAKs (300 rds)
  • Roundtrip Shipping to and from our UNIT Solutions warehouse
  • $350 in Value!