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Blue Can Suppressor

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The Best Force-On-Force

Training Suppressor.

The Blue Can Suppressor is designed to replace your real suppressor when training with non-lethal training ammunition. Made in the USA, it'll enable you to keep your force-on-force training rifle the same length as your live-fire rifle.

The Advantages Of Matching The

Real Length Of Your AR Setup.

With the Blue Can Suppressor, you'll eliminate the training scars that can be caused from training with a different length barrel. You can train for clearing thresholds and stairwells with confidence that the skills you develop will transfer to your AR setup.

Blue Can Suppressor

Blue Can Suppressor

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Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) was not designed to be shot through a suppressor, and can have catastrophic results if it gets stuck in the baffling of the suppressor.

The Blue Can Suppressor was designed to offer a realistic weapon length in force-on-force training. This training aid replaces your suppressor when training force-on-force, to keep your rifle the same length as it is in real life.

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