UNIT4 Training Rifle for Professional Training Companies

Partnering with UNIT Solutions will transform your training business.

Train Anywhere

—Offer New Courses Outside the Range or Shoot House

—Classified as a Non-Firearm by ATF

—No Brass or Primer


—Save 50% or More When Compared to Cost of Drop-In Bolt Ammo

—No Additional Insurance

—No Ongoing Certifications

Better Service

—Guaranteed Re-Stock of TPAKs within 30 Days

—Rifles and TPAKs proudly made in the USA

—2-Year Warranty on Rifles

Everything you need to know about the unit4:

Save Big And Earn $$$ as a

UNIT Marketing Partner

We make it easy for professional training organizations to invest in the UNIT4 at the best price of any customer. These discounts reflect our 2023 MSRP and are available with your first purchase after opting into the UNIT Solutions Marketing Partner Program.

Even better, we offer our trainers a 15% commission on any sales generated through their training or network.

The Best system for

professional trainers

  • Manufactured by LMT Defense with same forgings as their M4
  • Compatible with all carbine lights, optics and accessories
  • Realistic recoil and rate of fire
  • Identical weight, length and magazine capacity to M4
  • Fire hundreds of rounds without any rifle jams
  • Only requires eye and mouth protection


  • Ambipar Response
  • Asymmetric Solutions
  • Black Flag Solutions
  • Blu Bearing Solutions
  • Camp Liberty
  • Cognoscente Defense Solutions
  • Core Vision Training
  • Defender Series Training Group
  • Dukes Defense
  • Eaglehead Training Group
  • EDC Training & Tactics
  • Forged in Training
  • Force Frontier
  • Freedom Defense
  • Freedom First Tactical
  • Freewind Defense
  • Frogman Tactical
  • FSC Africa
  • Ghost Firearms Training
  • Gladiator Gunz
  • Gladius International
  • Grey Prism Strategic
  • Grit'R Sports & Outdoors
  • Kanex Tactical
  • Legends Firearms
  • Liberty Firearms MT
  • Light Horse Tactical
  • Mechanical Warriors
  • Midwest Preparedness Center
  • Millbrook Tactical
  • MILO Range
  • MKDS Training Group
  • Pagosa Gun Works
  • Paratus46
  • Primal Risk
  • Recom Actual
  • Royal Range USA
  • Silver Eagle Group
  • Six Eight Training Group
  • Strategic Training Group
  • Tactical Operations Group - US
  • Trident Response Group
  • Trinity Training Complex
  • Troy Guardian Defense
  • Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions
  • Valletta Industries

Introducing the unit solutions PAY IT FORWARD PROGRAM

We will send you 1 UNIT4 Training Rifle, 1 magazine, 600 non-lethal training rounds and a return shipping label for just $199!

If you move forward and purchase a UNIT4 Training Rifle, a $199 credit will be applied to your first order.

What's Included in the

Pay It Forward PROGRAM

  • 1 UNIT4 Training Rifle with MLOK rail and iron flip sights
  • 1 UNIT4 Magazine
  • 10 Non-marking TPAKs (300 rds)
  • 10 Marking TPAKs (300 rds)
  • Roundtrip Shipping to and from our UNIT Solutions warehouse
  • $350 in Value!

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