UNIT4 Training Rifle Simulation Starter Kit.

UNIT4 Simulation Starter Kit

Enhance Your Simulated Training.

Simulation Starter Kit

Through its combination of accessibility and realism, the UNIT4 is the perfect tool to power a variety of simulated training technologies. The system is compatible with any rail-mounted or muzzle-mounted technology platform.

After the initial purchase, customers can purchase additional CO2 cylinders directly from Unit Solutions—or can buy into our annual subscription program (where CO2 will be delivered once-per-quarter to support your training needs)

UNIT4 Simulation Starter Kit

UNIT4 Simulation Starter Kit

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  • One (1) UNIT4 Training Rifle (your choice of the Spec Ops, CQB, or Classic models)
  • Two (2) UNIT4 Magazines
  • Two (2) reusable TPAK cartridges, which allow for quick and easy CO2 replacement
  • One hundred (100) replacement CO2 cylinders (each 16g cylinder delivers approximately 50 cycles)
  • Immersive screen based simulators
  • Laser & optical based training systems
  • VR, AR & synthetic training environments 
  • Traditional force-on-force and CQB training

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