The UNIT4 Training Rifle is THE BEST SYSTEM for Active Shooter Training

The Active Shooter Crisis is Fundamentally a Patrol Officer Problem

  • 90%* chance that the first responding officer to an Active Shooter will NOT be trained in SWAT tactics

  • Most patrol officers receive LIMITED or ZERO training with their M4 due to lack of funding, lack of manpower or lack of opportunities

  • Current opportunities to train for Active Shooter Incidents are too INFREQUENT because when not practiced, these skills are PERISHABLE and the consequences are catastrophic

    *Source: IACP & NTOA SWAT Study - 2013


The UNIT4 Precinct Kit Includes:

  • Three (3) UNIT4 Training Rifles with MLOK Rail System

  • Six (6) UNIT4 Magazines

  • Two (2) Movable Target Stands

  • One (1) Wincent Pro Biometric Rifle Storage Safe

  • Total Cost: $5,000

    *Upgrades available at additional cost

The UNIT4 Precinct Patrol Kit provides the opportunity for ALL OFFICERS in a department to practice Active Shooter and CQB tactics on YOUR TIME and on YOUR TURF!

  • Because the UNIT4 Training Rifle has been classified by ATF as a non-firearm, and it does not use gunpowder or eject brass, officers can set up a CQB Room within any department building or property

  • The Precinct Patrol Kit can be stored outside the CQB Room for ALL officers to use without an FFL or chain of custody requirements

  • Eliminate the need to backfill 8 hour shifts for training, or costly overtime, by training on your footprint in 30 minutes or less

  • Mandate regular training for active shooter incidents as part of shift work to protect your officers and communities

  • Because the UNIT4 is a dedicated non-lethal system, it eliminates the risk of catastrophic malfunction or user error

Maximize the readiness of your patrol officers by investing in the Precinct Patrol Kit today, before the next incident occurs.

After the initial investment, departments can allocate 10 training rounds per month to each officer for a cost of just $3/month. As the number of officers in a department increases, the enterprise value for the department is maximized. Regardless of department size, the UNIT4 platform allows departments to efficiently train a large number of officers on department property at an affordable cost.