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UNIT4 Starter Kit

Everything You Need To Start Training Today.
UNIT4 Starter Kit
UNIT4 Starter Kit
UNIT4 Starter Kit

UNIT4 Starter Kit

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Starter Kit Level

The Level 1 Starter Kit includes:

The Level 2 Starter Kit includes:

We are so confident that you will love the UNIT4 Training System that you can try it risk-free and return it to us free of charge within 30 days of purchase.

The UNIT4 Starter Kit

Will Allow You To Start Training Right Out Of The Box.

The UNIT4 Starter Kit contains everything you'll need to start training immediately—including:

The UNIT4 Rifle is

Best Training System for home defense

No time for the range? Train at home on your time. The UNIT4 Training Rifle can be quickly and safely deployed at home within minutes to train for:

  • Basic marksmanship and target practice
  • Clearing all the rooms in your home
  • Working stairwells and exterior thresholds
  • Transitioning from a vehicle to your home

And the best part? At just 80 decibels, you can get quality trigger pulls in after hours, without waking the family.

"The Weight, The Balance,

The Realism Is Remarkable. It Is Phenomenal Overall."

Frogman Tactical is a weapons and tactical training company founded by former Navy SEAL and combat veteran, Jason Pike. See why Jason prefers the UNIT4 for his tactical training needs.

Better Than Dry Fire

The unit4 has realistic recoil

Introduce recoil into your at-home training plan with the UNIT4.

  • Take your training beyond dry fire with a more challenging and realistic training system
  • Reciprocating bolt carrier group resets with each trigger pull
  • Recoil signature nearly identical to an AR-15 rifle
  • Practice multiple shots without manipulating your charging handle
  • Recoil will force you to reacquire the target like you would with live ammo

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