How to Perform Safe Firearm Training

Safe firearm training is crucial for all firearm handlers, whether professional or civilian. The use of non-lethal weapons and ammunition significantly increases the level of safety. Firearm training is about learning how to handle your firearm correctly when shooting, cleaning, or storing it. The goal is to practice consistently and create good gun safety habits to avoid dangerous accidents. Here are some helpful firearm safety training tips to get you started. 

6 Safe Firearm Training Tips

  1. Professional Training – It is essential to find an experienced instructor when you seek out training. The instructor must be well-versed in gun safety rules, fundamentals, and firearm manipulation. It is recommended that you contact local law enforcement or licensed gun ranges to find the best gun training courses.
  2. Train Outside of a Range – Using non-lethal ammunition allows you to train almost anywhere. It is a good idea to train outside of the gun range as you gain the proper knowledge and confidence. Spending time training in real-life scenarios and locations helps you become a more skilled shooter.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect – After you complete a firearms safety course, continue to practice. Consistency in training is crucial. As long as you plan to own a firearm, you should continue to practice.  It may even be beneficial to retake courses down the line to refresh your mind on firearms safety.. Never be careless because gun safety mistakes can be very costly.
  4. Always Assume Firearms Are Loaded – Whenever you handle a firearm, always assume that it is loaded until you have thoroughly checked it. You need to open the action and check the chamber, receiver, and magazine to ensure all ammunition has been removed. Even if the "safety" is on, you should still handle the firearm as if it's loaded and ready to shoot.
  5. Wear Eye & Ear Protection – It is essential to wear protection for your eyes and ears while shooting. You can damage your hearing if you do not. Eye protection will prevent debris, smoke, or a firearm malfunction from damaging your eyes. It is also important to wear eye protection when cleaning or disassembling your firearm. 
  6. Secure Your Firearm for Storage and Transportation – It is imperative to make sure that you secure and store your firearm correctly. The storage options available include lockboxes, cable locks, trigger locks, and safes. Learning how to use these options properly helps prevent unauthorized use of your firearm. This is an integral part of firearm safety. 

Using Non-Lethal Ammunition for Training

Non-lethal ammunition is an excellent choice for training. It is the safest way to train while eliminating the possibility of fatalities.  There are several types of non-lethal ammunition available. The most common types are Airsoft, Paintballs, UTM, Sims, and blanks. These options have mostly reversible effects and generally do not cause lethal injuries when appropriately utilized.

UNIT Solutions® is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a non-lethal training system.  The UNIT4® Rifle is identical to the M4 service weapon in form, fit, and function. UNIT Solutions offers three configurations of their UNIT4 Rifle and their proprietary magazine and cartridge system.  

UNIT4 Rifle Configurations

UNIT4 Classic

  • 14.5" with Fixed Front Sight
  • Contract Manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool
  • Plastic Handguard
  • Rear Carry Handle
  • Recommended For All Training Opportunities


  • 10.5" with No Front Sight
  • Contract Manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool
  • UTG PRO® ARWEN 10" M-LOK Free Float Handguard
  • Recommended for CQB Training and Al Training Opportunities

UNIT4 Special Operations

  • 14.5" with No Front Sight
  • Contract manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool
  • UTG PRO® ARWEN 14" M-LOK Free Float Handguard
  • Recommended For All training Opportunities

Unit Solutions TPAK 

The TPAK is a pre-loaded cartridge filled with 30 UNIT4 projectiles, either nonmarking or marking. The projectiles are safely used for training because they do not penetrate covered human skin or break glass. This allows the UNIT4 system to be used in authentic environments off the range and outside the shoot house. The UNIT4 will only work with our proprietary TPAKs,  so there is no chance of live rounds being accidentally loaded during training. Users do not need tactical clothing to protect themselves and only require ear, eye, and face protection while shooting. In addition to the safety benefits, UNIT4 projectiles are cost-effective and 100% biodegradable. The UNIT Solutions Training System has everything you need to hone your shooting skills safely. 

About UNIT Solutions

UNIT Solutions is dedicated to being the pre-eminent non-lethal training solution for law enforcement and military worldwide. Based on direct feedback from military and law enforcement professionals, we have custom engineered an affordable solution to directly address existing training challenges and provide the best training system on the market for realistic force-on-force and decision-making training. Visit our website for more information.